Tracks and Focus Areas

Government policies, and infrastructures:

Let’s explore policies, infrastructures, processes and strategies that are currently in place, and those needed to be implemented in order to propel the African economy to the next level. The track will also highlight some of the continent-wide policies being established to make trade & commerce easy and readily accessible across Africa.

and how?
Policy and infrastructure standardization
Creating a competent agencies to focus on technologies and innovations
Knowledge sharing within African countries
Information and single source of truth on anything tech & innovation
Government’s role in driving innovation

Human capital, and development:

In the not too distant future, Africa is poised to become a major human resource market. The continent will become pivotal in powering the next global workforce. There has to be a continent-wide emphasis on training and development; both formal and informal types of training and development.

Human capital in the new era
Becoming a destination for off-shore jobs
Revamping of educational systems and processes
Standardization of licenses, qualifications and certifications
The case for the relocation of customer centers and service jobs to Africa
Understanding the African potentials
Focus on people, not just technology and product

Startup ecosystem, and technologies:

According to GSMA, there are 618 active tech hubs across Africa. With cities like Lagos, Cairo, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Nairobi leading the way, technology and innovation has become an economic building block for the African continent. Focusing on building sustainable startups is very critical in the development of the African economy. Let’s explore the various technologies and ways to setup, structure, fund, and exit startup journey

Purposing and re-purposing your product for Africa
The use of blockchain technology in Africa
Bootstrap vs VC funding Vs Angel
Tapping into the power of incubators and accelerators
Tapping into the power of incubators and accelerators
Government funding
How data from Africa is influencing and changing pre-exisiting narratives
How to build for Africa
Role of the diaspora in funding startups and the overall African economy

Payments & Commerce:

Fintech and commerce is one of the most dominant startup focus areas on the African continent. Finance and banking related solutions created by the developed world aren’t inclusive enough; aren’t not democratized enough, aren’t technologically basic enough, hence creating a problem of accessibility. Africa has the opportunity to change that. We will be exploring areas, ideas, innovations that have the ability to redefine and democratize payments, banking and commerce on the continent, and the rest of the world.

Disrupting the status quo
Impact of Diaspora Funding
Capitalizing on the African opportunities
Breaking down trade barriers with digital currencies
banking for the unbanked and underserved population
Building secured and safe financial systems
Removing barriers for remittance