Why you should attend the Innovate for Africa Conference as a Startup

Access to Silicon Valley Investors

Bring your ideas, innovations and businesses directly to investors. We have currently secured 6 VC firms and numerous independent investors with a collective financial strength of over $1 Billion.

Meet Students from Elite Universities

Connect with grad students from Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, and other top schools across the US. Some of these students can become interns or possibly full time employees at your organizations.

Demo your Startup

Use this opportunity to wow investors at the conference. Pitch your ideas to them and work them through your KPI’S.

Secure a Silicon Valley Mentor

Network and secure a Silicon Valley executive as a mentor and can also serve on your board of directors

Meet with Global Tech Companies

Come and mingle and network with silicon valley companies already working in the same space as you. Learn from them and also teach them some of the things you know.

Oct. 11 – 12, 2019 — Silicon Valley


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