Why Attend

Colleges Universities:

We are very aware of the pivotal role you play in the transference of knowledge; for this reason, we would like to invite, partner and work with schools and colleges to attend and participate in the conference. Come and talk to people from all walks about any initiative or academic programs you may have targeting business and innovation on the African continent.


You are the engines that will power future economies. Attending the conference will help you learn about the business and career opportunities on the continent, and definitely a great way to network with innovators, entrepreneurs, hiring managers, and possibly secure an internship or a job.


Most of you have been there done that. You have started companies or been part of a newly started company. You have the experience, and know what it means to take a company from ground zero, and on top of it all, you are investors and mentors. Attending the Innovate For Africa event will constitute a totally new experience. The ideas, and startups on display will blow your mind. Come and partner with innovators redefining Africa and taking the continent to new heights.


From Silicon Valley all the way to Wall St. to rural America, you stabilize economies. You are vital to the growth and stability of economies through the creation of jobs for the millions of professionals and students across nations. If you are interested in connecting with talents of diverse backgrounds, or in learning about the next major market, or just curious, this is an amazing opportunity to connect, network and learn.

Governmental Agencies:

You bring everything together. From the creation of conducive business policies to massive to ,assive infrastructures that’ll enable commerce, you are at the forefront of it all. Part of your goal is to attract investment and business opportunities to your home country. Innovate For Africa will put you at the front of it all. Attending the conference also lets you connect with your citizens in the diaspora.