Why be a Sponsor

Gain market visibility:

Africa is the next big market, and the world is becoming aware of that. Sponsoring the Innovate For Africa Conference puts you right in the midst of the African economy, right here from Silicon Valley, and puts your brand right in front of the African audience. You will gain valuable insights on how to conduct business on the continent; forge the strategic partnerships needed to help you scale into the continent, and finally, you will get to interact with some of the players on the continent.

Promote Diversity & Inclusion:

Making your presence known at the Innovate For Africa Conference is definitely a way to show your commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Branding is very important because it puts your products and services right in front of your existing and potential customers. It lets potential customers know what type of a service to expect from you. It can also serve as a way to engage with potential customers. Participating as one of our active partners definitely allows you to do all of these.

Hire Talent:

As a supporter of our event, you will have access to amazing talents. You will be able to interact with potential employees, and answer any question(s) they may have regarding being and employee at your organization. Depending on your support, you will get priority access to all of the resumes that will be submitted to us.

Product/ Idea validation & Survey:

Come and test your idea or product. The event attendees are a representation of fthe African continent. You will be able to gather valuable information on product ideas and services through surveys and idea validations.